Hi everyone, I’m Maya, the creator of this site and this is me featured in a local newspaper.

But what’s more important is this quote…

This quote perfectly captures my reason for creating this site and for doing this ongoing work of providing students with the knowledge, guidance, and resources necessary to reach a debt-free graduation.
After graduation, I was free to travel and pursue my passions and I want all students to have that same freedom after their own graduations.
Who is this Million Dollar Scholar?    
I’ve been coaching students on how to maximize their scholarship and financial aid earnings since 2010. That year, I started my studies at Cornell University and several other Gates Millennium Scholars and I founded GOAL, a campus organization dedicated to providing academic resources and counseling to students in our communities. We provided ongoing scholarship and college admissions counseling for high school students around Ithaca. We even went back to our own hometown high schools and served as Scholarship Ambassadors to advise students on how to apply for scholarships and other types of financial aid.
As my time at Cornell progressed, I gained a reputation as “the girl who’s getting paid to be a student.” While back home, the Maryland Gazette (my hometown newspaper) had featured me on their front page, coining me as the “Million Dollar Scholar,” making me known around town as the student who hit the scholarship jackpot.
Many of my professors and classmates watched in awe as I consistently and methodically scored scholarships, grants, fellowships, and stipends to study abroad, conduct research, participate in internships, attend conferences, and cover all of my educational and living expenses. I figured out how to get my student status to pay for all my basic educational needs and much more. Everyone wanted to know how I was able to bring in so much money as a lowly student. But no one knew that I had been honing my scholarship earning skills for years and that I had earned over 1 million dollars in scholarships even before I stepped foot on campus. The folks at Cornell were just witnessing the manifestation of the years it took me to hone my highly effective scholarship earning strategies and techniques.
So, I thought to myself, “Hey, I have a lot of personal experience with earning money as a student and I have years of experience coaching other students how to do the same thing, why don’t I share my skills and knowledge with students worldwide and dedicate a site to everything that I’ve learned about this unique and little known trade?” Thus, that is how Get In, Get Paid was born.
My Story
By the time I had reached my junior year in high school, my parents sat me down and said, “We’re proud of you for doing well in school and for planning to go to college, but how are you going to pay for it? You know, we aren’t in the position to help you with this.”
After that conversation, I immediately started to research scholarships and alternative ways students can pay for university. Little did I know, this simple goal to just “pay for college” led me on a deeply enlightening journey. My efforts paid off big time. I was able to accomplish the seemingly “impossible.” I earned well over one million dollars in scholarships for college, graduated debt-free, and built a healthy savings before graduation!
My goal is to make it clear to you that YOU CAN GO TO COLLEGE AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GRADUATE IN DEBT and to guide you along the path to post-graduate financial freedom. I know that you can’t control how much your family saved for your education but you DO have the power to get the money you need just by being a student with a great work ethic.