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Get In, Get Paid shows current and future university students the processes and strategies it took for a "Million Dollar Scholar" to earn 1.15 million dollars in scholarships as a high school senior and then an additional 50,000+ in scholarships, fellowships, and other student funding as a college student. We will help you find ways to pay for your education and take control of your educational and financial future.

Here's How We Can Help You
Strategize & Plan

Paying for college and reaching a debt-free graduation needs a step-by step plan. We'll create you a personalized roadmap so you know exactly what to do.

Search & Find

Having trouble finding the right scholarships, resources, and funding opportunities? Let us create your list of perfect matches.

Edit & Review

Let us review and edit your scholarship essays, personal statements, student resumes, and financial award letters to maximize your student funding and scholarship success.

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