“If you go to college, you might as well get paid for it.”

Hi everyone, I’m Maya, the creator of this site and this is me featured in a local newspaper.


Here at Get In, Get Paid, we work to create PAID students.

The Get In, Get Paid community shows current and future university students the processes and strategies it took for me to earn 1.15 million dollars in scholarships as a high school senior and then an additional 50,000+ in scholarships, fellowships, and other student funding as a college student.
We believe that all students should be free after graduation. Here, we will show you how to pay for your education, graduate debt-free, and take control of your educational opportunities and financial futures by teaching you how to….
  • Master Highly Effective Scholarship Application Strategies and Techniques
  • Get the Most Out of Scholarship Programs and Communities
  • Learn Resourceful and Creative Ways Students Get Paid
  • Practice Preventative Student Debt Measures
  • Engage in a Community Dedicated to Student Empowerment

Don’t want to be a slave to your student loans? Click the image below to join the Student Debt Prevention Movement and get your free “Be Free After Graduation” PDF guide!

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